UV Team

About Us

TiesUV Dive Koh Tao is operated by PADI dive instructors Shirley Gouw & Ties Lahlali. They have been living and working on Koh Tao for 7 years teaching people their passion: diving. With all those years of experience in teaching and leading divers they know about every nook and cranny around Koh Tao. Not only do they know all the dive sites inside out but they also have extremely high safety standards.

Even though they have been teaching diving for 6 years full time they are still as enthusiastic as ever before, especially when it comes to UV night diving. You could pretty much wake them up at night to go on a UV Night Dive and they’d gladly take you!

ShirleyBecause UV night diving is such an interesting activity Shirley & Ties will most likely be in the water with you personally. In case they are not able to come diving with you, there are UV trained Dive Instructors that will guide you around the Fluorescent landscape. UV Dive Koh Tao is the first in Thailand to specialize specifically in UV Night Diving. Because we focus on UV Night Diving, you can be insured to have the maximum enjoyment you can possibly have from this kind of night diving.

For more information or to book a UV dive with us please use our CONTACT PAGE