Fluorescence Photography Course

Fluorescence Photography Course

Many underwater photographers are amazed by the visual spectacle of fluo diving and immediately ask if they can bring their camera. In order to capture the fluorescence you need specialized excitation filters for your external strobe as well as a barrier filter for your camera lens.


In collaboration with professional photographer Alex Tyrrell from Dive 4 Photo’s, we are now able to offer a 3 day Fluo Photography course. During this course you will cover the following topics with Alex :



Lisa's Mantis Shrimp Fluorescence (Lysiosquillina lisa)

Learn to shoot fascinating pictures like these yourself!



  • Fluorescent photography equipment orientation
  • Environmentally friendly fluorescence photography
  • Limitations of compact cameras for fluorescence photography
  • Correct camera settings for fluorescent photography
  • Using high ISO’s and controlling digital noise
  • Focus modes for fluorescent photography
  • Strobe position and settings
  • Fluorescent photography subject selection
  • Composition & fluorescent backgrounds
  • Post processing techniques for fluorescent images



The course starts with an orientation dive into the wonderfull world of marine fluorescence. This dive is without a camera and only to enjoy the amazing experience firsthand, get used to the equipment and procedures and to get some ideas for subjects. The second and third dive you will be focussing on capturing the fluorescent corals and marine creatures and improving your skills during the course.


Including in the course are all equipment like a camera system set-up for fluorescent shooting, which includes UV focus light, strobe & excitation filter and lens & mask barrier filters. In case your own camera is suitable to fit our specialized filters you are welcome to use your own.

Duration: 3 Days
Dives: 3 Dives
Cost: 12000 THB

Normal Schedule:

Day 1:
P.M. fluorescent theory session and equipment familiarisation, followed by dive brief, dive 1
Day 2:
P.M. debrief, fluorescent photography theory session, followed by dive brief , dive 2
Day 3:
P.M. debrief, photo review, editing session, followed by dive brief, dive 3

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