Fluo Diving

Fluo Night Dives

A UV Night Dive Experience will usually start at 17:30 until about 21:00. Before the pre dive briefing before a fluorescent night dive on Koh Tao, Thailanddive we have a thorough briefing on safety and procedures but we also discuss how to properly use the equipment and of course the phenomenon of marine fluorescence itself.

The price is 2000,- baht. This includes all equipment and a taxi from and to your accommodation.

To guarantee you a good experience and protect the aquatic life, ample buoyancy and previous night diving experience is required. Bring your certification card as well as your logbook.

In case you would like to get your Advanced Open Water rating before the UV Night Dive, we can easily teach you this course in as little as 2 days.

Since we introduced fluorescent night diving in Thailand in 2011 we have used many different types of equipment but soon found out High Intensity filtered blue light is THE best way to experience this phenomena.

Also have we set the standard for safety procedures to keep it safe and fun.

Every diver on our Fluo Dives is equiped with a top of the line Filtered Blue light and a yellow visor to witness the amazing fluorescent colours. For safety and to prevent seperation from the diveleader every diver also has a coloured marker light in the back of his tank. Besides this you will also have a white divelight in your BCD pocket in order to compare things or switch to white light whenever you want.

All our lights operate on recheargeble batteries to minimize our impact on the fragile island environment.

We at UV Dive Koh Tao will give you a mind blowing experience that will be high in your list of best dives ever!

We achieve this by:


  • Taking our boat out specifically to the dive sites we have explored and which are best suited for UV Night Diving.
  • Ensuring that there are no “normal” night divers on the dive site so there will be no light pollution.
  • Having the most experienced Fluo Dive guides in Thailand
  • One dive leader will only take a maximum of 4 divers.
  • Using only the best equipment on the market
  • Our night dives are rarely under 60 minutes so plenty of time to explore.


What can you expect to see?

UV Dive Koh TaoThe UV Dive experience is a mind blowing tour over an amazingly bright glowing reef which is stunning just by itself, but once you get closer and closer to the reef or the sandy bottom you notice that the rabbit hole is much deeper than you think at first.

Spotting interesting fishes and critters during the daytime is one thing but during a UV Night Dive things work a little bit different. Swaying bright coral polyps are fascinating to look at from a close up angle and tiny shrimps jump and dart over the corals like an astronaut on the moon. Little orange crabs run over the sandy bottom and dig themselves in the sand once they realize they are being watched from above. Other little crabs sit in-between the corals while their fluorescing filters move swiftly up and down their mouth to feed.

The creatures that steal the show with their colours during the day, might not do anything special under a blue light. On the contrary, the ones that do their best to stay hidden and camouflaged during the daytime sometimes are the ones that stand out the most. Finding a family of glowing pink scorpion fish can be so mesmerizing that you just can’t stop staring at them.

UV Dive Koh TaoMacro lovers will absolutely love this dive because there is a whole new world out there. Things that you can hardly see during the daytime, all of a sudden get visible during a Fluo Night Dive. Under a blue light, Macro diving gets a whole new dimension.

Searching in between corals for sleeping wrasse or goatfish can be quite rewarding as they radiate a bright yellow. Also little nocturnal moray eels come out hunting and look like radioactive snakes crawling over the bottom and in between the corals.

Over the years we have done quite some UV night dives around Koh Tao and I think we can safely say we are specialized in UV diving. We know exactly what to look for and what to point out. Although we have learned much of the fluorescing abilities of the reefs here, we keep discovering new things underwater that fluoresce so be prepared!

Experience UV Night Diving with us and night diving will never be the same! So join us by contacting us to organize a trip to suit you!

Available Fluo Courses

For people who wish to experience Fluorescence Diving in more detail we offer the following more in-depth courses:

For more information or to book a UV dive with us please use our CONTACT PAGE