UV Dive Koh Tao

Explore Koh Tao in a whole new light – Fluorescence!

The waters around Koh Tao, Thailand have always been a magnet to divers from all around the world. Now there is a new light on the horizon that will blow your mind….. UV Night Diving!

Imagine floating through a neon lit realm with corals and creatures glowing in the dark like a night scene from the movie Avatar.

In UV Night Diving we experience such scenes with our own eyes. During a UV Night Dive, also called a Fluo Night Dive, we descend with specialized High Intensity Blue lights. In combination with a special vizor this dive light allows us to see marine fluorescence.

Why Fluo Dive with us?

  1. We are the first company to offer Fluorescence Diving in Thailand
  2. We have the most experienced UV Dive leaders in Thailand
  3. We offer the PADI Fluorescence Night Diver Specialty course
  4. We offer a Fluo Photography Course
  5. An amazing Fluo Dive costs just 2000B!!!


Not only do the corals around you radiate a spectrum of the brightest fluorescent colors but so too does the aquatic life. Moray eels, crabs and tiny shrimps display flashes of a bright fluorescent yellow and scorpion fish luminesce with pink.

Experience UV Night Diving with us and night diving will never be the same!

We have been specializing in Fluo Night Diving since 2011 but besides taking you on the most wonderfull Fluo Night Dive Experience we can also offer the following courses:

For keen Fluo Divers that can’t get enough of the fascinating phenomenon we can offer the PADI Fluorescence Night Diver Specialty. In this 2 day course we will go more in depth on the equipment, science and physics side aswell as study fluorescing creatures more closely.

Photography enthousiast can enroll in a 3 day Fluorescence Photography Course with Alex Tyrrell. This course will teach you all the techniques and equipment considerations you need to make the most beautifull Fluo Photographs.

If you are more of a videographer then Elisabeth Lauwerys will take you on a Fluorescence Videography Course and teach you how to make stunning close ups of crabs catching their meal with their filters and fly overs of the fluorescent coral landscape.

For more information or to book a UV dive with us please use our CONTACT PAGE